Open All Frequencies: STATIK TV Launches New Podcast


On the debut episode of the STATIK TV podcast, host Rexx Arkana profiles the early career of one of the founding fathers of electronic pop, synth superstar Howard Jones. Featuring an exclusive interview from the archives, Rexx and Howard discuss the artist’s motivation from his early 80s beginnings through his reign at the Top of the Pops, featuring audio clips of his best hits from the era.

It’s a unique and insightful view into an artist most influential on electronic music culture. A must for HoJo fans new and old. Find the complete interview here:

Scene. Strong. STATIK.


This summer, STATIK TV will venture west for the second annual MECHANISMUS FESTIVAL in Seattle, Washington. Featuring headlining performances from Hocico, Suicide Commando, Funker Vogt and Klutae – with over a dozen other bands scheduled to perform – the festival is a little slice of industrial heaven.

igg2To offset production costs, we have launched a crowd-sourcing campaign stocked with perks for financial backers. Swag bags, t-shirts, photo books and unique and exclusive artist interactions are all available now.

More information on our festival coverage – plus details on our fundraising efforts – can be foundĀ here.